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The logo is representative of the values on which the company is founded.

The four points represent: family, professionalism, sharing and sustainability. All united by a common thread that goes into designing the new logo, strengthening its values.

Gold and Crystals

Jewelry is passed down from generation to generation.
From season to season they are renewed but never go out of fashion.


The must haves of the new Collection

Precious finishes make each jewel unique, thus enhancing the work of the skilled craftsmen who complete each work with meticulousness and patience. The collection, completely 100% made in Italy, confirms the company’s commitment to maintaining a high quality standard of materials and finishes.

Your amulet

Timeless jewels. wearing them evokes sensations, memories and emotions. She imagines opening her grandmother’s jewelery chest and discovers the new collection.

Come visit

“A warm and welcoming living room where you can spend time together and follow you in choosing your jewels.”

Alessia e Gianpaolo


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