Founded in 2012 and based in Milan, MIA’s is an Italian fashion company specialising in jewels and accessories. It was born from the passion of a young couple: Gianpaolo Pastro and Alessia Novelli.

MIA’s was founded in Alessandria, the city where the two founders lived and from which they launched the first product that would lead them to success: the iconic anchor bracelet, called LOVE BOAT.

In 2013 they decided to move to Milan, the well-known city of fashion where people are always looking for new stimuli. And it was in Milan that the real project began. The company organised a working team developing a commercial network that in a few years would have covered the entire Italian territory with more than 400 stores.

After the success of the mono-product (the LOVE BOAT bracelet that became MIA’s symbol and logo in 2014), given the strong demand form the stores, the designer Alessia Novelli develops a larger collection consisting of: necklaces, rings, earrings and rigid bracelets, produced using the most advanced manufactures and goldsmithing techniques for a 100% made in Italy product.

In these years, the leading bloggers, web influencers and celebrities such as Sara Sampaio, Lapo Elkann, Kate Hudson, Kate Moss, Chiara Ferragni, Mariano di Vaio, wear and talk about MIA’s, allowing an expansion of distribution to countries like Japan, Slovenia and Brazil.

2016 was the year in which the brand focused on creating a direct connection with its customers, through events, contests, customisations and useful info about cultural events and trends of the time.

In 2017, an in-depth study led MIA’s to create a Collection that would fit into a market segment not existing until then, with a unique product at a very competitive price while maintaining an above-average style and quality. The Vintage Collection was officially launched in 2018. The newspapers, the VIPs and the major influencers have already talked about the collection, and in particular about the latest super novelty, that is the Vintage Headband, presented in February 2019. It is completely made in Italy and has already been published in the best fashion magazines and worn by Melissa Greta Marchetto, the presenter of the AfterFestival Sanremo 2019.

The Founder

MIA’s mission is launch new trends,

to create unique jewels at affordable prices that can make moments magical.

We all need to dream and feel like stars!

Gianpaolo & Alessia